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Why are most students shifting abroad for their higher studies?

Moving abroad for higher studies has become a kind of trend, just the way people started to get indulged in startups and entrepreneurship after watching SHARK TANK INDIA.

It’s not bad at all, but getting indulged in startups and moving abroad, just for the sake of looking cool is not that cool.

There are thousands of PRO & CONS of living abroad, depending upon the mindset of each individual, but the genuine reason is, “Why has it become very often that most students are pursuing or want to pursue their higher studies outside their soil?”

Answering to this specific question there can be many reasons, but the most common ones are discussed below-

  • Living independently:

It’s common for any student to start earning their bread and butter as they complete the age of 18. By getting indulged in part-time work and paying their fees on their own, they don’t bother about any kind of restrictions from their family that leads them to live independently as per their wish.

ANGREZI MEDIUM, a Bollywood movie by Irfan Khan, depicts the same reason, wherein his daughter wants to pursue her higher studies from abroad and wants to live independently.

Here and there, this reason is one of the most common ones.

There’s nothing bad as well if you are capable enough to earn your pocket money on your own and want to have the realization, “HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO EARN A SINGLE PENNY?”

  • Search for better opportunities:

India is the second largest country in terms of their population and soon going to take the 1st position held by China. If you think it’ll be a moment to celebrate, so It’ll surely not as the number of human beings is increasing in the country the competition is becoming even tougher. In adding a part of the competition, reservation is also a huge factor in people starting to rely upon the opportunities by a foreign government.

Abroad is open for all such students who are looking for such opportunities and utilizing their skills in the most efficient way it can be taken into use.

  • Wider and diversified field :

Pursuing Science, Commerce, or Arts is one of the basic mentalities of every 12th-grade pass-out, but if you’ll see Japan or China- any Developed country leading the world by their growth, most of their population indulged either in technology or business? At the same time, brown parents rarely encourage their child to get into business and suggest they go for either medical or Civil services but don’t know the capabilities of their child.

No doubt they have more diversity in the field of education, but making the effective and efficient use of resources is always a concern, even if the resource is HUMAN.

  • Maintaining a good lifestyle:

Every single individual, either making 20k a month to 20 lacks a month, is concerned about their social presence and lifestyle in society.

People often get attracted to such kinds of things as well, and many of them end up finalizing their mindset and moving outside.

  • Exposure

Getting an international exposure that every school- college-going student wants to experience, keeping everything like making money, lifestyle, or anything aside. Even if not for studies but having a vacation outside your county is a common dream of every individual & many are even fulfilling it in their 20s only, and teenage are planning.

So the exposure factor matters very much; if you don’t get any sort of justified answer from a person leaving for abroad, then you can assume in yourself that International Exposure might be the reason.

Before concluding, we can look at some other factors as well, but in short

  • Traveling

  • Healthy and hygienic lifestyle

  • Keeping a distance from the distraction

  • Getting ridge from reservation

  • Building connections globally


There is no end to the list, and it can go so long if covered, but concluding whether going from own soil and working for some other country is worth enough?

Obviously, Yes, perspective changes from person to person, but if someone says It is not a good gesture towards your motherland if you work for any other country.

Rishi Sunak, a well-known name who won the elections in the UK, is an Indian, and the whole of India celebrated when he won and got the position, so it is a matter to celebrate if you do something very exceptional outside your county.

Instead of criticism, It gives a reason to your friends and family to celebrate.

We know and understand that the application process can be overwhelming; that’s why we are here for you. The study abroad experts at Hello Study Global are there for you every step of the way. From the preparation for the entrance exams to college application, we will guide you to success.

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