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All about Computer Science degree from University of Oxford


The Computer Science degree at the University of Oxford is a comprehensive program that blends theoretical foundations with practical applications. Oxford, with its centuries-old tradition of academic excellence, provides a unique setting for students to delve into the complexities of Computer Science. In this blog, we will explore what makes the Computer Science program at Oxford distinctive, from its renowned faculty to the cutting-edge research opportunities and the vibrant academic community.

All about Computer Science degree from University of Oxford
Source: University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is a collegiate research university in Oxford, England, founded in 1096, making it the oldest English-speaking university and second-oldest in continuous operation. It comprises 39 semi-autonomous colleges, four private halls, and academic departments organized into four divisions. The university buildings and facilities are scattered throughout the city center. Let’s get straight into the blog which is “All about Computer Science degree from University of Oxford”.

About the Degree:

The Computer Science degree at the University of Oxford is a comprehensive program that blends theoretical foundations with practical applications.

The duration of the Computer Science undergraduate degree at the University of Oxford is typically three years for full-time students. However, there’s a choice between the three-year and four-year options.


3 years (BA)

4 years (MCompSci)

Admission test

  • Maths(Essential)

  • Further Maths(Recommended)



Admission Requirements

A*AA including Maths, with the A* in Maths, Further Maths or Computer Science

Annual Course Fees

Between £33,050 and £48,620 i.e., between Rs.34 lakhs and Rs.50 lakhs


The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including algorithms, data structures, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software engineering. The interdisciplinary nature of the program allows students to customize their degrees, combining computer science with other disciplines such as mathematics, philosophy, or business.

The academic year is divided into three terms: Michaelmas term (October to December), Hilary term (January to March), and Trinity term (April to June). Students attend lectures, and tutorials, and engage in independent study throughout each term.

Application Process:

1. UCAS Application:

Prospective students must apply through the University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). The application deadline is typically mid-October for courses beginning the following academic year.

2. Admissions Tests:

Most applicants are required to take the Mathematics Admission Test (MAT) for Computer Science. This written test assesses problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

3. Personal Statement:

The personal statement is a crucial part of the application. It should demonstrate a strong interest in Computer Science, relevant experiences, and an understanding of the subject. Oxford places great importance on applicants' enthusiasm for and commitment to their chosen field.

4. Interviews:

Shortlisted candidates are invited for interviews, a crucial component of the selection process. Interviews assess academic knowledge and the ability to think critically and engage in thoughtful discussion.

5. Conditional Offers:

Successful candidates may receive conditional offers based on A-level (or equivalent) results. These conditions must be met for final acceptance.

For further details regarding the application process, visit:

Acceptance Rate:

The University of Oxford is highly competitive, and the acceptance rate for undergraduate programs, including Computer Science, is relatively low. The acceptance rate hovers around 15-20%, varying slightly depending on the specific program and the applicant pool for that year.

Fees and Funding:

For Home students who are pursuing their first undergraduate degree, the course fee for the year 2024 will be £9,250. Home students can avail themselves of a tuition fee loan from the UK government for the total amount of their course fee. This means that they don't need to pay any fees upfront.

If you are not classified as a 'Home' student, you will be considered an 'Overseas' student. It's important to note that as an Overseas student, you won't be eligible for a tuition fee loan from the UK government. Additionally, your course fee will be significantly higher and will vary depending on your chosen program of study.

Annual Course fees payable by an overseas student for 2024/25 are between £33,050 and £48,620 i.e., between Rs.34 lakhs and Rs.50 lakhs.


Embarking on a Computer Science degree at the University of Oxford is an experience that goes beyond just academic learning; it is a transformative journey into the heart of technological innovation. From the historic halls of Oxford to the forefront of cutting-edge research, students gain knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities that are essential to navigate and shape the future of computer science. The program's academic rigor, world-class faculty, and commitment to research ensure that graduates not only become skilled technologists but also emerge as leaders who are ready to make significant contributions to the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

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