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All about January intake in Ireland for International students


The tech hub of Europe, Ireland, has emerged as a popular destination for many international students. Ireland is one of the safest countries to study; it remains 3rd safest country according to 2023 records. From having abundant employment prospects to research and innovation, this country has everything to offer its students. Do you know that there are two types of intakes Ireland prefers? This blog will further discuss those two and inform you about the January intake that's about to commence.

All about January intake in Ireland for International students
Source: PPRO EED

Intakes in Ireland

Ireland prefers two intakes- autumn intake and spring intake.

  1. Autumn Intake in 2024: The significant and primary intake for many grads and post-grad students. This intake begins in September/November and remains most popular among international students.

  2. Spring intake in 2024: This intake is less known to students, making it a less competitive zone. This intake usually begins in January/February.

Significant Differences between these two intakes:


Autumn Intake

Spring Intake


This intake usually occurs in September/October and varies according to course preference.

Spring intake usually begins in January/February and is less known to students.



More applications are received during this time, making it competitive with a lower acceptance rate.

Fewer applications are received during this time, making it less competitive.

Course preference

The autumn intake offers more course preferences.

Spring intake competitively offers fewer course preferences.

Visa processing

Visa processing

The visa processing can take months to complete.

It's a quicker process as compared to that of autumn intake.

Major Universities/ Colleges for January intake:

1.Dublin City University: Dublin City University has several postgraduate programs for this intake, including an MSc in Finance, an MEng in Electronic and computer engineering, an MSc in child health, and an MSc in specialist nursing. The acceptance rate for this University is approximately 20%.

2. Dublin Business school: Dublin Business School is the largest private school in Ireland. Most courses are open for January intake, including MBA Cloud, MBA HRM, BA(Hons) in business management, MSc Data Analytics, MSc Marketing, and MBA in Finance. DBS has an approximate acceptance rate of 20%.

3. National University of Ireland: National University of Ireland is overall ranked 3rd in Ireland for its top-notch education.NUI offers a few courses for the January intake, including an MSc in Management, an MSc in International Business, an MSc in Entrepreneurship, and an MSc in HRM. NUI has the highest acceptance rate of around 86%.

4. University College Cork: One of Ireland's top Universities in Cork, Ireland. This University offers various courses, including an Accounting degree, actuarial science, English literature courses, and a Finance degree. The acceptance rate for this University is around 41%.

5. Griffith College Dublin: This college offers most courses for this intake, including Accounting and Finance Management degrees, adolescent studies, and extensive data management and analytics. This college is considered the best for practical knowledge and affordable tuition fees. The acceptance rate for this college is aro

and 50%.

Admission requirements for January intake

1. Language proficiency test: IELTS and TOEFL are the language proficiency tests accepted by Ireland. IELTS score should be at least a band of 6.0 for undergraduate courses and a score of band 6.5 for postgraduate studies.

For TOEFL, it depends on the University.

2. PTE Academic score

3. An attested reference letter from the professors( at least two ).

4. SOP ( Statement of Purpose ) is essential.

5. Attested photographs and mark sheets.

6. An updated resume and a bachelor's degree mark sheet.


Ireland offers a heartwarming welcome to all students, unlocking the academic future of students. It's advisable to check all the deadlines and admission requirements beforehand; it can also vary from University to University. Research the University and course you are interested in with adherence to your qualifications.

We know and understand that the application process can be overwhelming, so we are here for you. The study abroad experts at Hello Study Global are there for you every step of the way. From preparing for entrance exams to college applications, we will guide you to success.

Feel free to reach us at Hello Study Global.

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