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All about STEM Courses in Australia


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It's been increasing in employment, with the best career options. If you have a passion for Psychology, Information Technology, Engineering, Animal Health, and Agriculture, pursuing a career in one of these areas could help you grow.

Studying abroad is a dream of many, but the nation's popular choice remains Australia for STEM courses. This blog will give you an insight into STEM courses and why Australia remains the number one choice among students.

All about STEM Courses in Australia
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Reasons why to choose Australia for STEM courses?

  • For medical courses, Australia is ranked the top destination among many countries. Having an Australian Medical Degree, you can practice anywhere in the world.

  • There is a high demand for such courses with the growth of technology and Innovation, with a significant focus on developing skills.

  • Australia's STEM workforce is likely to increase by a considerable percentage annually, with an increase in employment rates.

  • STEM graduates in Australia have excellent job prospects with increased demand for such courses.

  • Studying in Australia can provide the best opportunity to receive the best education from top universities.

  • Universities in Australia are ranked 16th in Animal Health.

  • Australia has 37 engineering institutions that deliver high-quality teaching and practical learning.

Eligibility Criteria to study STEM courses in Australia

  1. A minimum GPA of 3.0 or above is required.

  2. A minimum required score in English language proficiency exams such as IELTS or TOEFL.

  3. Language test

  4. Score requirements for tests such as SAT, GRE, or ACT.

  5. Post-secondary qualification and a certificate level of III in IT.

The GMAT Exam is compulsory for those applying for an engineering master's degree in Australia.

Top Universities in Australia to study STEM courses

1. The University of Sydney: The University of Sydney offers various STEM courses, such as Technology, mathematics and statistics, Engineering and computing, Animal Health and Veterinary Science, Agriculture and food, and Medicine and Science.

It's ranked one of the best Universities to pursue STEM courses and 14th Global Rank.

Tuition fees- 40000 AUD to 50000 AUD

There are many scholarships available, such as:

2. Australian National University(ANU): Australian National University offers a wide range of STEM courses; some disciplines include Astrophysics, Computer Science(CS), Mathematics, Quantum Technology, Robotics, and Environmental Science.

ANU is ranked first in Australia and 30th worldwide for its education and 34th Global Rank.

Tuition fees- 29000 to 46000 AUD

There are many scholarships available, such as:

3. La Trobe University: La Trobe University offers a variety of courses, including, Cyber Security, Computer Science, Animal and veterinary biosciences, Applied Cloud Technology, and Biological Sciences. This university has been ranked The Best among many universities.

Tuition fees- 39000 to 42000 AUD

There are many scholarships available, such as:

4. University of QueensLand: The University of QueensLand offers an ample number of courses, including Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

It is one of the 50th top-ranked universities in the world and ranked 43rd in the QS World University ranking.

There are many scholarships available, such as:

  • Clem Jones Sporting scholarships

  • Australian Muslim Academic Scholarships

5. University of New South Wales- It provides a variety of courses to students planning to study STEM courses.

University of New South Wales is one of the best-rated universities in the world. It is the third-ranked university in Australia and the second-ranked university in Sydney and ranked 19th in 2024 according to university ranking.


Nearly 25% of students choose Australia for STEM courses worldwide. This percentage is continuously increasing. In STEM, the students' priority is Engineering courses in Australia.

Top universities provide the best opportunities to students pursuing STEM courses. Career prospects after STEM courses in Australia are- Computer engineering, Mechanical engineering, statistician, Biochemist, ICT security architecture, etc. A proper amount of research and an appropriate strategy will help make a career in this field. Hello Study Global is a one-stop destination for all your study abroad needs; it will help you from guiding to preparing for your entrance exams.

We know and understand that the application process can be overwhelming, so we are here for you. The study abroad experts at Hello Study Global are there for you every step of the way. From preparing for entrance exams to college applications, we will guide you to success.

Feel free to reach us at Hello Study Global.

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