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All About Studying Economics from the London School of Economics


The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is a prestigious institution in London, United Kingdom, renowned for its excellence in the social sciences, including economics. Through its courses, the university gives a thorough grasp of political ideas, theories, and economic analytical tools, preparing students for jobs in various disciplines such as commerce, banking, law, government, teaching, research, and media. If you are considering studying economics at LSE, here are some key points to know:

All About Studying Economics from the London School of Economics
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Here’s a Guide on Studying economics from the London School of Economics

Programs and Courses:

BSc Politics and Economics: The BSc Politics and Economics program combines political concepts and theories with a thorough grounding in the analytical methods of economics. 

Students will learn to:

  • Analyze political phenomena in various cultures and countries

  • Answer broad theoretical questions about the political world

  • Gain a strong foundation in mathematics and statistical methods

BSc Economics: The BSc Economics program at LSE provides students with a deep understanding of economic principles, theories, and methods.

Students will study:

  • Microeconomics and macroeconomics

  • Econometrics and statistical methods

  • Optional courses in various economic subfields include international trade, development economics, and public economics.

BSc Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE): The BSc PPE program offers an interdisciplinary approach to studying politics, philosophy, and economics[5]. Students will take courses from a range of subfields in political science, philosophy, and economics, such as:

  • Comparative politics

  • Rational choice theory

  • Political economy

  • Social and political philosophy


LSE's economics faculty is composed of internationally recognized experts in various fields of economics. Faculty members are often engaged in cutting-edge research, and students can learn from leaders in the field.

Opportunities Provided by LSE

  • Research Centers: LSE hosts several research centers and institutes focused on economics and related disciplines. Students, particularly at the postgraduate level, can engage in research projects and contribute to ongoing research initiatives.

  • Alums: LSE has a strong alumni network, and many who studied economics at LSE have made significant contributions to academia, government, business, and international organizations.

  • Library and Resources: The LSE library provides extensive resources for economics students, including books, journals, and electronic databases.

  • Campus: LSE's campus is located in the heart of London, providing students access to the vibrant city and its professional opportunities.

  • Career Opportunities: LSE provides career services to help students transition into the workforce, including networking events, workshops, and job fairs. LSE's reputation can open doors to global career opportunities in finance, government, international organizations, academia, and more.

Application and Scholarship Opportunities

To apply for a program at LSE, you must submit your application through the university's online application system. The application process includes providing your academic qualifications, work experience, and personal statement. LSE offers a variety of scholarships and financial aid opportunities to eligible students, including academic merit scholarships, need-based grants, and scholarships specifically designed for international students.


Studying economics at the London School offers a unique and intellectually stimulating experience. The institution's focus on research, expert faculty, and strong alumni network contribute to its reputation as a leading institution in economics. If considering LSE for your economics studies, thoroughly research the specific programs and admission requirements that align with your academic and career goals.

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