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Top ten universities / Institutes in Switzerland for Hospitality and Leisure Management Courses

Updated: Nov 20, 2023


Hospitality and leisure management is a broad category of service sector. Hospitality management can encompass tourism, resorts, and health. This degree offers you revenue management and brilliant opportunities globally. Switzerland is the world leader in hospitality education. One can expect an average salary of CHF 74,039 annually in Switzerland, which is even higher than in The United Kingdom and Australia. Switzerland is a land of opportunities, which is ranked 10th globally according to the safest country index. This blog will provide you with the top ten universities/ Institutes in Switzerland for such courses.

Hospitality and Leisure Management Courses in Switzerland
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Top 10 Universities/ Institutes in Switzerland for Hospitality and Leisure Management Courses

Below mentioned are some top-tier universities in Switzerland according to the QS Rankings

1. EHL Hospitality Business School: EHL Business School, located in Lausanne, Switzerland, is ranked 1st with an overall score of 99.1 with 5 QS Stars. EHL offers various courses in this domain: a Bachelor's degree in International hospitality management, a Swiss professional degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, a Master's degree(MSc) in global hospitality and Wine and Hospitality, short courses, and some online programs in this category.

2. Swiss Hotel Management School: SHMS, located in Caux, Switzerland, is ranked 3rd with an overall score of 88.4. SHMS offers a bachelor's degree in hospitality management, an MA in international business in hotel and design management, an MA in international trade in hotel, resort, and wellness management, a postgraduate diploma in global hotel operations, and an online executive master's degree in hospitality management.

3. Les Roches Global Hospitality Management Education: Les Roches, located in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, is ranked 4th with an overall score of 87.6 with 5 QS Stars. Les Roches offers a BBA Degree in global hospitality management, a Master's in Hospitality leadership(a one-year degree), an MBA in international hospitality management, a Postgraduate diploma, and some online degrees in this domain.

4. Glion Institute of Higher Education: Glion Institute, located in Glion-sur-Montreux, Switzerland, is ranked 5th with an overall score of 86.6, with a 5 QS Stars, offers a bachelor's degree in international hospitality management, a BBA+Msc degree, Master of science in hospitality business leadership, executive masters in luxury management and the guest experience and some short term online programs in this category.

5. Cesar Ritz Colleges, Switzerland: Cesar Ritz, located in Le Bouveret, Switzerland, is ranked 6th, with an overall score of 86.5. Cesar Ritz offers numerous courses in this field, including a bachelor of science in hotel and tourism management, a Master of arts in hospitality and tourism entrepreneurship, and a certificate course in wine business management( a 10-week program).

6. Hotel Institute Montreux: Hotel Institute Montreux, located in Montreux, Switzerland, is ranked 7th with an overall score of 84.4; offers various courses such as international business in hospitality management( with an option of specialization in multiple domains, including yield and revenue management and tourism and resort management) and BBA in hospitality management( a joint partnership with a USA University i.e. Northwood University).

7. Culinary Arts Academy, Switzerland: Culinary Arts Academy, located in Le Bouveret, is ranked 8th with an overall score of 82.3. Its curriculum blends a top-ranked culinary arts education with practical theory. It offers some highly reputed courses:

  • Swiss grand diploma in culinary arts

  • Bachelor in culinary arts

  • Swiss diploma in vegetarian culinary arts

8. Hotel and Tourism Management Institute: The Hotel and Tourism Management Institute, located in Sörenberg, Switzerland, is ranked 18th with an overall score of 65. This institute offers a bundle of course preferences, which includes a bachelor's degree in international business, a Bachelor's of arts in hospitality business management, an MBA in hospitality management, an MSC in tourism, an MA in hotel business management, and some postgraduate diplomas in tourism and hotel events.

9. International Management Institute: International Management Institute, located in Horw, Switzerland, is ranked 21st with an overall score of 64.4. This institute offers a BA degree in:

  • International hotel, tourism, and event management.

  • International culinary arts.

  • Global business or marketing management.

Some postgraduate degrees in:

  • MSc in international hospitality

  • Postgraduate diploma in international culinary arts

  • Postgraduate diploma in international hotel events and management.

10. Ecole Hôtelière Genève: Ecole Geneve, located in Geneva, Switzerland, is ranked 31st, with an overall score of 58.4. This institute offers Bachelor's degrees in hospitality management, Master's degrees, executive degrees and online courses, swiss professional diplomas, and pre-university courses in this discipline.


Switzerland is the best study destination for hospitality and leisure management courses, according to the QS ranking. Attractive scholarship options are also available for international and Indian students. Remember to check them out before applying. Many other institutes are also ranked the best for such courses in Switzerland. However, those mentioned above are some highly reputed institutes that provide a top-notch education in this area.

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