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How to Ace TOEFL Writing Section?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Writing section is the fourth and final section of the TOEFL exam. Many students tend to get unnerved by the name of this very section but unlike any other aptitude/intellectual level exam, the writing section of the TOEFL exam is comparatively easier. Here, the writing section is more about communicating the message right instead of using gruesome vocabulary and absurd technical jargons as seen in other such exams.

The writing section is the fourth section in the exam that takes place after the speaking section. This section is 50 minutes long and is divided in 2 parts:-

  1. Integrated Writing:- Here, a student is provided with a passage and then an audio lecture explaining the passage in a very particularized and comprehensive manner that usually has 3 main points. The student is given 20 minutes to answer the question by writing an essay that references both the passage and the lecture. Here, it is recommended for the student to write 250-350 words in the form of 4 paragraphs (one for introduction and one each for the three points stated in the lecture, conclusion is not required). x

  2. Independent Writing:- Here, the student will be provided with a topic and he/she is supposed to draw opinions on that particular issue. The students will be given 30 minutes for the same and is recommended to write 450- 500 words in the form of 4-5 paragraphs that includes 1 for the introduction, 2-3 addressing the context and 1 conclusive statement as a paragraph.

The above explanation may sound fiddly but can be easily be clinched through appropriate practice. So, here are a few things that can help you practice better and ace the TOEFL writing section for a ravishing score in the exam:-

  1. Listen more than you write:- Like most of the other sections of the TOEFL exam, the student needs to focus on listening to the lecture more than taking notes of the lecture. This is also because he/she doesn’t need to address everything from the lecture in the essay. Also, listening should be prioritized over anything because the student will be able to listen to the lecture only once thus making it important for him/her to absorb all the given information in one go, which can only be done through focusing on what the lecturer has to say.

  2. Focus on punctuation more:- Being technically correct is more important than flaunting your fancy vocabulary in the TOEFL exam. The student should make sure the appropriate use of appropriate punctuation marks and actions at appropriate places while practicing for the writing section.

  3. Do not barge fancy words into the essay:- As mentioned earlier, TOEFL does not expect one to be very exquisite with his/her vocabulary. Fitting in fancy words one doesn’t know the appropriate usage of, may turn out to be a massive cause for trouble. Instead of trying to cram the difficult words off the dictionary ; practice enough to achieve the grammatical perfection.

We hope you have got an idea of how to attempt and ace the speaking section of the TOEFL exam. Check out our other such blogs.

Good luck!

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