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Updated: Dec 18, 2022

The College Board is releasing the new ‘digital SAT’, which will roll out in 2023 and 2024 for international and USA students, respectively, in the spring semester. The things that will remain the same are the total score (out of 1600), scale conversion (1300 SAT= 1300 Digital SAT; “super score”), Testing Site (test center or school), subjects (Reading, Grammar, and Mathematics), multiple-choice answer format and college application or readiness.

Each test section will be divided into two parts called modules based on which the performance will be analyzed, and the level of the next module will be determined. There will be a unique test per student, and it will be computer adaptive for more precise measurement. The current SAT is taken on paper, but the digital SAT will be attempted on a laptop or tablet, and you may either bring or borrow the device from the center. The time has been reduced from three to two hours, and in case you lose connection, it will have an autosave feature. To learn about the SAT test dates 2023, click here

MODULE 1: Reading and Writing (English)
  • Multiple-choice questions with one correct answer.

  • The pattern of long passages with multiple questions has been replaced with one short passage for each question.

  • These excerpts will cover a broader range of college-level texts.

  • Just like the current SAT, there will be questions with graphs and tables.

  • Marking questions and other tools like annotations will be obtainable.

MODULE 2: Mathematics (divided into two parts)
  • Multiple-choice questions with one correct answer.

  • Calculators are allowed for the entire test. Students can bring their calculators or use the built-in graphing calculator, unlike today, where calculators are allowed only on one Math section.

The second part of Module 2 is the ‘Student-Produced Responses’, which will contain:
  • “Grid-in” questions and the answers can now contain negative numbers.

  • Students can type in up to 5 or 6 digits/symbols. There will be five places for positive numbers like ‘1.567’ and six for negative numbers like ‘-1.567.’

There will be one break between these two modules (with a timer), which may vary for all the candidates. Because of the faster administrative work, the scores will be available in days rather than weeks. Score reports connect students with scholarships, college info, and practice recommendations. Still, in digital SAT, the students can send their exam scores to workforce training and two-year college programs (A.B. degrees). Because of the unique test version, the chances of test cancellations in the future will be drastically reduced. All students will have their timers on their screens which means different pacing for different students.

Studying for SAT will allow you to gain knowledge and skills that will help you excel in the classroom and beyond! Thus, we can’t deny the importance of a mentor in this entire journey, and since everything’s virtual, multiple training platforms have emerged to provide guidance.

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