Preparatory Tips for SAT

Taking the SAT soon and are worried about what to do? Not understanding where to start?

Fear not, this feeling of being overwhelmed is common for every first-time SAT taker but with the right approach, you can easily overcome it to come out with flying colors.

Following some key tips that have been used previously can go a long way and be a lucrative way to help students achieve their dream score.

The first step in this invigorating process is to decide on what one’s target score is. Keeping a target helps in embarking on a purposeful journey with a goal in mind. Following the setting of the dream score, one can begin with the actual practice. Here are some important pointers and strategies one can keep in mind while preparing for SAT-

●Understand your weakness and evaluate them to work towards overcoming these limitations. Taking time to catalog one’s mistakes and learning from them can be helpful to avoid them in the actual test.

●For the Reading section, paying careful attention to the connotation of the words is imperative as it helps to determine the context and thereby answer questions correctly.

●For the Reading section, finding evidence in the passages for the answers can help one feel confident about their answer.

●During practice, in the Math section, resolve questions you skipped the first time before heading straight to the solution. This will help in forcing you to get there before skipping it.

●For the Writing section, be privy to grammar rules and remember to pick the option that seems more precise when two appear correct. Special attention needs to be paid to No Change answers as they are generally more tricky but won’t exceed more than 25% of the total questions in the segment.

●Pace yourself well and budget time because face it, you won’t have countless hours. So learn to manage your time well as it will be crucial during the actual test.

●Begin by attempting the easy questions first and warm yourself to take up the challenging ones later.

Hopefully, after following these tips, you will feel better equipped to take on the test and emerge victorious. Hello Study Global has a well-designed, reliable test series that can help you with your SAT preparation by covering every concept of importance and helping your very foundation. Nothing is insurmountable and with endless practice, you can achieve anything, so keep heart!

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