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SAT Scholarships: Everything in About for International Students

If you plan to pursue undergraduate studies abroad, appearing for the SAT exam is highly recommended. Qualifying for SAT also offers the eligibility to apply for SAT scholarships to fund your studies. Studying abroad is costly, but you can easily manage all your expenses with proper planning and preparation. Acquiring an SAT scholarship is one such favorable way. Unlike an educational loan, SAT scholarships are usually merit-based or need-based funds you need not repay later.

In this blog, we dwell at length on SAT scholarships for Indian students and other international students by focusing on common queries like eligibility criteria, types, minimum SAT scores for scholarships, and so on.

SAT Scholarships: Everything in About for International Students
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What are SAT Scholarships?

The college board is the body or organization that conducts and manages the SAT exam. The India Global Alliance, the college boards offer a platform for Indian educational institutions to connect with world-class international universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, McGill University, Columbia University, etc.

SAT Scholarship for international students based on their SAT scores.

The minimum SAT score for scholarships across universities ranges from 1200 to 1600. However, you must check the official university websites for the exact information.

Types of SAT scholarships:

The scholarships are of different types. You may apply based on your eligibility criteria, abilities, and skill sets. The most popular scholarships are below:

  • Academic Scholarships:

This scholarship is also known as SAT merit scholarship. The overall school grades, SAT scores, etc., are considered for this type of scholarship. If you want this scholarship, Good and consistent scores are mandatory to qualify for an SAT merit scholarship.

  • Need-based Scholarships:

These scholarships are awards to meritious students from low-income families. To ensure equal opportunities for all, such need-based scholarships seek to fulfill the financial need of such groups of students to opt for further studies.

  • Identity-Based Scholarships:

SAT offers different types of identity-based scholarships. These are exclusively for minority groups who lag socially and economically. These scholarships are offered depending on gender, race, ethnicity, etc.

  • Athletic Scholarship

Athletic Scholarships are provided exclusively on one’s ability to excel in any sport. Such scholarships are common in countries such as USA and UK, where the respective universities send scouts to observe your performance at the school level.

  • Military Scholarships

Several top universities abroad offer scholarships to veterans, service members, etc., as a symbol of gratitude for their services to the country. You can apply for SAT military scholarships if you belong to an army family. However, there is a strict set of document requirements for the same.

Eligibility Criteria for SAT Scholarship

Now that we are acquainted with the types of scholarships, let us go through the eligibility criteria for the same:

  • The first criterion to apply for an SAT scholarship for Indian students is to receive admission from a university. Hence, achieving a good SAT score and getting selected by a college or university abroad is essential.

  • Complete the educational requirements for your course of study. You must have all original documents for the same.

  • Fulfill age/class/identity/community, etc., criteria the SAT scholarship provider sets up. (if any)

List of Colleges Offering SAT Scholarships:

Now that we covered the eligibility criteria let us have a look at the top colleges offering SAT scholarships:

  • Yale University

  • Stanford University

  • Harvard University

  • University of Arizona

  • University of Pennsylvania

  • Colorado State University

  • Baylor University

  • The University of Chicago

  • University of Mississippi

  • University of Texas

  • Georgia State University

  • University of Tennessee

  • University of Missouri

  • University of Oregon

How to apply for SAT scholarships?

The application process for SAT scholarships for international students is simple and easy. A step- by step guide is as follows:

  • Appear for SAT exam and acquire a high SAT score.

  • Shortlist the colleges and send all your application details for the course. Send your SAT scores to colleges as well.

  • Once you receive an acceptance letter from the college, check for the availability of SAT scholarships on their official website.

  • The application link will be there on the website itself. Follow the instructions and complete your application process.

  • Lastly, wait till you hear from the concerned authorities.

Documents required for SAT scholarships:

You must have all the required documents to obtain an SAT scholarship for international students. Some of them are listed below:

  • Educational Transcripts

  • Complete SAT scholarship application form

  • SAT scores

  • Statement of purpose

  • Letter of Recommendation

  • CV or Resume

  • Passport-sized photos

  • Letter of Acceptance from the concerned college/ university

  • Valid Passport and Student Visa


So, this was all about SAT scholarships for international students to study abroad. All the SAT scholarships of respective colleges and universities have individual requirements. Hence, you must gather the exact information from the official university websites immediately after completing your admission process. For any guidance and assistance regarding any study abroad query, contact us at Hello Study Global.

We know and understand that the application process can be overwhelming, so we are here for you. The study abroad experts at Hello Study Global are there for you every step of the way. From preparing for entrance exams to college applications, we will guide you to success.

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