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The Emergence Of New Programs To Study Abroad

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

As the world's pace is changing with different opportunities, also levels of programs are changing to study abroad with other new programs. International preference for educational courses is beginning to shift away from computer science and engineering. Students are increasingly drawn towards programs in liberal arts, development studies, culinary arts, urban planning, and architecture, to name a few, as these are akin to skilling and provide early employment avenues.

Following the pandemic and the increased demand from the healthcare sector, many students expect to pursue courses in biotechnology, pharmacy, healthcare informatics, and hospital administration.

Due to the increased demand for skilled professionals in areas like AI, cybersecurity, digital marketing, and cloud computing, more students have chosen to study these subjects at international campuses in recent years.

Programs that Students are choosing to study abroad:

1. Culinary Arts Management

Culinary art is a vocational degree designed to give you the technical and managerial skills needed to succeed in the food industry. It's a hands-on program where one will learn various practical skills and a combination of gastronomy, culinary science, nutrition, and business.

Some of the topics to study in the culinary arts program include:

  • Fundamentals of classical cooking

  • Practical culinary technical skills

  • Diet and nutrition

  • Food product design

  • Hospitality management

Colleges that offer Culinary Arts Management are under:

  • University of West London

  • New York University

  • Drexel University

  • University of Cincinnati

  • Mississippi State University

2. Urban Planning Management

Urban planning is a program that involves designing, developing, and managing towns and cities. It's a far-reaching discipline encompassing architecture, geography, engineering, and real estate. You'll build your design skills, get to grips with the sector's laws and ethics, and consider today's towns and cities challenges.

Colleges that offer Urban Planning Management are under:

  • Princeton University

  • Standford University

  • Yale University

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Harvard University

3. Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a science program in which biology and living organisms are used to develop new technologies and products. It develops technologies and products to improve the quality of our lives and the world. This program could put you at the cutting edge of your career with new technology and allow you to participate in exciting new scientific discoveries.

Many of the best programs for biotechnology subjects are mainly in the USA and Europe. Switzerland and Germany are home to several large biotech and pharmaceutical companies, making them an attractive option for those seeking a career after graduation.

Colleges that offer Biotechnology are:

  • Arizona State University

  • Dublin City university

  • University of Georgia

  • Maynooth University

  • New York Institute of Technology

4. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing covers all marketing that occurs online or uses an electronic device. Businesses use digital marketing across numerous online channels like search, social media, video, and email. Unsurprisingly, it's a fast-growing area and an increasingly popular degree to study at university.

Studying digital marketing abroad means you can pick from various programs and courses worldwide. You will have a much wider choice, which implies seeing how another country approaches the subject and will experience a whole new culture and way of life.

Colleges that offer Digital Marketing Courses:

  • Dublin City University

  • University of Pennsylvania

  • Maynooth University

  • Indiana University- Bloomington

  • University of California


Now the world is evolving, so the opportunities. There is a broad scope of many courses other than medical and engineering. There is a demand for many different programs in medicine during the pandemic.

Moreover, students are choosing and moving towards vocational or liberal courses.

We know and understand that the application process can be overwhelming, so we are here for you. The study abroad experts at Hello Study Global are there for you every step of the way. From preparing for entrance exams to college applications, we will guide you to success.

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