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Top 3 Rusell Group Universities


Rusell Group is a consortium of 24 globally renowned and finest research facilities in the United Kingdom. Each institution, with its unique strengths and traditions, offers an unparalleled academic experience. Our previous blog series taught us about the Rusell Group and how to apply to these universities; this blog will give us an insight into the top three universities of the Rusell Group. 

Top 3 Rusell Group Universities
Source: University of Oxford

Comparing these universities on parameters such as academic opportunities, student/faculty ratio, and other amenities, we can check the top 3 universities out of the 24 distinguished institutions of the consortium in the list below:

University of Cambridge

  • Famous for Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Biological Sciences, Medicine and Humanities courses such as Philosophy.

  • Produced an extraordinary number of influential figures, including 120 Nobel laureates, making it a powerhouse of intellectual achievement.

  • Highly competitive, with a selection percentage of 21 per cent, thus forming an academically acclaimed alum base.

  • It boasts a high employment rate and is continuously in the eyes of recruiters on a global scale. 

  • Fees for international students can range from £39,162 to £67,194(for M.B.B.S)

  • It offers over 500 scholarships for all levels of courses( few even cover living expenses), such as the Beit Cambridge Scholarship, Cambridge UK Master’s Scholarship, and Commonwealth Scholarship.

  • QS World Ranking- 2

University of Oxford

  • Founded in 1096, it is the oldest university in the English-speaking world.

  • Its centuries-old traditions and relentless pursuit of knowledge have cemented its reputation as a global leader in higher education. 

  • The best courses at Oxford include Linguistics, Biomedical Science, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Linguistics, Literature, and Philosophy.

  • Oxford University promotes the idea of being who you are among its students by offering tailored Career Guidance Services.

  • Highly competitive with an acceptance rate of 17.5% and boasts of its internship programmes exclusively for Oxford students with over 10,000+ vacancies

  • Fees for international students can range between £33,050 and £48,620, for clinical medicine courses fees being much higher

  • Inlaks scholarship, Reach Oxford Scholarship, Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarship(covers 100% tuition, grant for living expenses)

  • QS World Ranking- 3

Imperial College London

  • Relatively young institution compared to Oxford and Cambridge, its focus is on science, engineering, medicine, and business 

  • Renowned for Artificial Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Ecology, Geosciences

  • Main campus in South Kensington is located in the heart of London, providing students with unparalleled access to cultural, professional, and recreational opportunities. 

  • Having the global job market at its footstep, Imperial College of London has a vast networking base of employers for its students

  • The acceptance rate is set at 14.3% and the annual tuition fee estimates at £40,000 depending upon the course

  • One can explore multiple scholarships on their site such as Genomic Medicine Scholarship and other departmental grants

  • Common scholarships available include Chevening,Rhodes and Felix Scholarship

  • QS World Ranking - 6


Within the Russell Group, the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and Imperial College London stand for the best in British higher education. Every university provides an unmatched academic experience, each with its own special traditions and strengths. While Oxford and Cambridge offer a wide range of disciplines in a historically significant and demanding educational setting, Imperial stands out as a contemporary center of scientific and technological innovation. Together, these universities' dedication to quality in global influence, teaching, and research helps to mold the future.

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