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Top Deferred MBA Courses in Canada


MBA programs have been gaining momentum and popularity recently, and with such a huge demand, deferred MBA programs can be game changers, training you to lead the game. Deferred in literature means to postpone. Hence, deferred MBA programs allow you to secure a position in a university while giving one to two years before the course to gain work experience. 

Such a system allows you to gain a competitive edge in the market and prepares you to apply your practical knowledge during the course rather than starting from scratch.

Deferred MBA programs present a fantastic chance for gifted students to gain significant work experience while gaining admission to a competitive MBA program. They are available at several prestigious Canadian universities for students who want to continue their studies after acquiring some work experience. In this blog post, we’ll examine some of Canada’s best deferred MBA programs and what makes them unique.

Top Deferred MBA Courses in Canada
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Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto:

Rotman's Deferred MBA program is designed for high-potential candidates in their final year of undergraduate studies or recently graduated. Accepted candidates are guaranteed a spot in Rotman's Full-Time MBA program after completing two to four years of full-time work experience. Rotman's MBA program is highly regarded globally, known for its innovative curriculum, diverse student body, and strong connections to the business community in Toronto, Canada's financial hub.

Rotman School of Management ranks 1st in Canada, and the total academic fee is CAD $136,410. 

Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University:

McGill's Deferred MBA program targets exceptional individuals from any academic background with fewer than two years of full-time job experience. It boasts a 30%–35% acceptance rate and a world-class course curriculum. After being accepted, students can obtain valuable work experience and secure their place in McGill's MBA program. The MBA program at McGill strongly emphasises global perspectives, entrepreneurship, and experiential learning to prepare graduates for leadership positions in a business environment that is changing quickly.

Desautels Faculty of Management ranks 13 globally, and the academic fee is $102,500.  (Source)

Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia:

Sauder's Future Global Leaders (FGL) program offers a deferred admission pathway to its MBA program for high-achieving students with less than two years of work experience. Accepted candidates gain access to exclusive networking events, mentorship opportunities, and career development support while they gain work experience. Sauder's MBA program is known for its strong focus on sustainability, innovation, and global perspectives, attracting students from diverse backgrounds and industries.

Sauder School of Business ranks 1st amongst the business schools of Canada; the academic fee is $99,287. (Source)


Hence, a Deferred MBA offers the chance to take a secure risk rather than jumping headfirst into a business. Such programs also provide a secure seat and the opportunity to advance in your career and get job opportunities using your college tag. Before enrolling in business school, having ample time allows you to save, and opting for MBA deferred admission will likely result in significant cost savings.

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