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Top Scholarships for STEM Majors


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is a highly rigorous field demanding sheer handwork, dedicating your young years towards research and an ability to learn throughout life irrespective of results. Along similar lines, STEM, like any other research-intensive field, requires an investment of both time and money. To make this field more diverse and equally accessible to all, various scholarships/awards are available.

Top Scholarships for STEM Majors
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For international students pursuing STEM majors, several prestigious scholarships are available to support their academic endeavours. Here are some of the top scholarships for international STEM students:

ASME Scholarships Program

ASME, or the American Society of Medical Engineers, is a professional group offering various mechanical engineering and allied sciences courses. Every year, ASME gives academic aid/scholarships to its members to help them advance their jobs and pursue their educational goals. As a student, you can get over $400,000 in scholarship funds and attend various conferences and skill-building courses after you become a member. As a member, the student receives to examine multiple industry trends and communicate with a large community of engineers. The process of requesting membership access is pretty straightforward. You can apply online or arrange a call. 

Microsoft Tuition Scholarship Program

Students with a passion for science and technology enrolled in universities in the United States, Canada, and Mexico can apply for the Microsoft Tuition Scholarship Programme. Students who demonstrate high academic achievement and are pursuing a degree in Computer Science or a related discipline are eligible for help. Recipients are given financial aid and mentorship opportunities to help them flourish academically and professionally.

Women at Microsoft Scholarship

Women who are about to graduate from high school and plan to study full-time technical, engineering, computer science, or similar disciplines at a qualified university or technical school in the United States can apply under this scheme for seven one-time $5000 scholarships. The minimum grade point required for this scheme is 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. The Women at Microsoft Scholarship is a project designed to increase the participation of female candidates in the field of technology, allowing women to overcome financial barriers and freely explore the spectrum of STEM. 

ETH Zurich Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (ESOP)

ESOP, a public research university in Switzerland, provides students with scholarships, guidance, and access to the ETH Foundation's network. The scholarship covers all academic and living expenses during the Master's degree programme. To be qualified for this programme, a student must have outstanding academic performance in undergraduate studies (in the top 10% of the cohort).ESOP includes a stipend for housing and study expenses (CHF 12'000 per semester) and a tuition fee waiver. Thus, like any other STEM prize, the ETH Zurich Excellence Prize seeks to instil a love for research in the next generation while also expanding the ETH Network's roots.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

Academic excellence, the potential to pursue research, and leadership characteristics are the three requirements for eligibility for this scholarship. The Vanier CGS programme assists Canadian schools in attracting the most qualified PhD students from other countries. This system allows students to receive $50,000 annually for up to three years while pursuing their doctoral studies. A student can apply if they have applied to a PhD programme or Joint Graduate research programmes in Health Research, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences, and Humanities at any Vanier CGS quota institution.


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