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Use your GRE score to get into Top Business Schools in India

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

GRE is a dynamic examination that is a measure of student’s academic acumen meant to gain them access to some of the most coveted pedagogical programs in the world. As an Indian student, you might have often paused and wondered why you should take the GRE if you don’t wish to study abroad. This blog will be able to dispel any such doubts as it will dig deeper into an aspect of the Indian educational world that is not often explored.

Many of the top Indian business schools have evolved their admission procedure to include GRE as a means of giving admission to students wishing to pursue a course. This aside, GRE as an examination has several benefits for an Indian student which are as follows-

●Can be a lucrative alternative to the GMAT if your verbal skills are stronger than your mathematical abilities.

●GRE opens up greater possibilities from business programs to programs in law, allowing a wide range to choose from.

●It has a relatively lower application fee and is thereby more affordable for many candidates.

●It offers a host of scholarship opportunities for higher degrees based on the score obtained by the test taker.

Some of the top business schools of India accept GRE scores for both MBA and Masters in Management (MiM) programs. If this is something that interests you, read on to what courses are offered based on GRE and which major institutes in India accept GRE. A variety of programs accepts GRE which can include the following-

1. 2-year or 1-year MBA program at the top B-schools.

3. Other PhD programs and courses in Business Schoolstics, Accounting amongst other courses.

3.Other PhD programs and courses in Business Schools.

A student can send in their GRE schools to a maximum of 4 Business schools and have to pay $27 for each additional business school they wish to send their GRE score to. Enlisted below is a comprehensive guide to some of the top B-schools in India although the list is not exhaustive.

●Indian School of Business

●Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

●Indian Institue of Mnagamenet, Bangalore

●IIM, Udaipur

●Asia Graduate School of Business

●NIIT University

●University of Bombay

●Varanasi Schoool of Management Sciences

We hope this blog has taken you on the journey from your GRE score to the possible business school options available in India. If you are on your way to starting your preparation for GRE, Hello Study Global promises to be your constant support. Explore the website for more details. Get going, you have a test to ace!

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Priya Rai
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Aaditya Gupta 679
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