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A complete guide about Forensic science courses in Canada


Forensic science courses impart a wide range of knowledge in the field of science with technology. This course covers aspects such as DNA Analysis, behavioral science, crime scene investigation, toxicology, and Ballistics. Students having an interest in such areas can opt for this course. Canada is an emerging nation that can provide a career booster for students to pursue this degree. This blog will further discuss some top universities' eligibility requirements to study forensic science courses in Canada.

A complete guide about Forensic science courses in Canada
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Why choose Canada for Forensic science courses?

1. Affordable: Forensic science courses in Canada are more affordable than other top countries serving this course.

2. Prestigious universities: Some top-ranked universities in Canada provide high-quality education in this field. Canada is also ranked 3rd in the top countries for MSc Forensic science.

3. High employment rate: This rate is commendable according to many other countries, offering around $82,580 per annum remuneration for Forensic scientists in Canada.

4. International exposure: Learning from the best country provides students global exposure.

Top universities for Forensic science courses

1. University of Toronto: The University of Toronto, a public institute also the first University in Canada to offer a Forensic science course, offers significant programs in this field, such as forensic anthropology, Forensic biology, Forensic chemistry, and Forensic psychology.

2. University of Windsor: The University of Windsor is the top name for Forensic science courses. This University offers The honors BSc degree, with an average fee of 35,000 CAD for the whole period.

Essential eligibility criteria include 10+2 from recognized institutes, 70% aggregate in mathematics, and an English proficiency test( minimum band of 7 in IELTS).

3. Ontario Tech University: Ontario Tech University is one of the best public institutes, offering doctorate programs in Forensic science, with various specializations in Forensic biology, forensic chemistry, and forensic physics.

Essential eligibility criteria include A master's degree, two years of work experience( some universities ask this), and English proficiency requirements( a minimum band of 7.5 in IELTS).

Another degree offered by Ontario Tech University is Forensic Psychology (MSc); the program combines specialized study in research and statistics. This program requires almost 99 credit hours.

Essential eligibility criteria include:

  • A four-year undergraduate degree in psychology.

  • Basic eligibility for English proficiency in IELTS.

  • A minimum academic standard of B grade.

4. Brock University: Brock University is ranked the 31st best University in Canada, located in St. Catherines; it offers multiple disciplines, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in forensic science. Also, this University provides a chance for students to learn criminal justice programs.

Essential eligibility criteria include Basic knowledge of mathematics and English proficiency requirements( of a minimum band of 6.5 in IELTS).

5. Herzing College: This is a golden opportunity for students who want to learn from the best but in an online mode. This college offers online criminal justice and Forensic science courses with a minimum fee of 53,000 CAD.

Essential eligibility criteria include a bachelor's degree from a recognized institute, English proficiency test( with a minimum band of 6.5 in IELTS).

6. Trent University: Trent University is a public liberal arts university in Peterborough, Ontario, and offers a master's of science in forensic science. It's a full-time, one-year course.

Essential eligibility criteria include a secondary school diploma, an average of 75%, and an overall good physics credit.


Canada is one of the renowned nations to provide Forensic science courses. Job opportunities in this field are phenomenal, including forensic technician, evidence technician, forensic investigator, and forensic analyst. You may check all the requirements before applying to any course. You may have also observed that having a minimum band in the English proficiency test is a required field in almost every University; make sure to have a firm hand on this. Many scholarship options are available in this area in Canada. Do check them out as well before applying.

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