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Canada's plan to bring 1.5 million immigrants by 2025

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

A little while ago, Canada's government gave exciting yet shocking news to everybody; according to the British Broadcasting Council, Canada is planning on significant immigration to fill a gap in its economy left by the aging people leaving the workforce; the government announced a massive plan for bringing in 1.5 million immigrants by the year 2025.

Canada has always tried to attract permanent residents to keep the economy and population growing. The way last year, Canada took in 405,000 permanent residents creating history; it is now planning immigration on a colossal scale.

The reasons are not Rocket Science but simple math. Most of Canada's population is aging and has a lower birth rate, which means it will have to bring in immigrants to keep the country growing.

Immigrants already account for almost all of the country's labor force in Canada, and by 2032, it is expected to account for the country's population too.

This development is excellent news for people planning to go to Canada and for students planning to go there for their studies; they can also settle there as this step opens enormous opportunities. Canada is one of the top choices for people in India who are planning to settle abroad, and this news will bring new possibilities for everyone planning to settle there.

Even though the country has set great targets for the future, history has shown it does not always meet its expectations.

For now, everything is very uncertain, but one thing is sure, this news is a ray of hope for many people.

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