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Post MBA Opportunities in the UK


Pursuing an MBA abroad is a dream shared by many students. However, the pursuit of an MBA is not merely an end in itself; it's a strategic investment in one's future. As students delve into the challenging yet enriching experience of postgraduate studies, the natural question that arises is, 'What comes next?’ Therefore, it becomes necessary to research and explore various opportunities available after post-grad. This blog will help you navigate the post-MBA opportunities in the UK related to recent market trends.

Post MBA Opportunities in the UK
Source: Collegedunia

Employment Prospects in the UK:

1.Finance and Consulting:

  • London, being a global financial hub, offers numerous opportunities in finance and consulting for MBA graduates. Major financial institutions and consulting firms actively recruit MBA talent.

  • An MBA in banking and finance may lead to some of the highest-paying professions in the UK. A brief of the same is tabulated below.

Job Title


Average Salary(INR)

Finance Analyst


29.01 lakhs- 53.04 lakhs

Finance Consulting Manager


45.59 lakhs- 1 crore

Leveraged Finance Associate


56.37 lakhs- 56.36 lakhs

Financial Management Associate


56.37 lakhs- 90.36 lakhs

Manager- Finance Integration & Separation


37.30 lakhs- 61.35 lakhs

2. Technology and Innovation: 

The UK has a growing tech sector, with opportunities in areas such as fintech, health tech, and artificial intelligence. London and other tech hubs attract MBA graduates interested in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Job Title

Top Recruiter

Average Salary(INR)

Information Technology Manager


50 lakhs- 68 lakhs

IT Services Manager

Intelligent Growth Solutions

52.6 lakhs- 63.14 lakhs

Senior IT Business Analyst


31.57 lakhs - 44.2 lakhs

Solutions Architect Senior Manager


85.24 lakhs - 1 crore

IT Senior Associate


39.9 lakhs- 55.78 lakhs

3. Marketing Management:

MBA graduates with a focus on marketing can pursue roles in marketing management, overseeing strategic marketing initiatives for companies.

Job Title

Top Recruiters

Average Salary/Year(INR)

Business Intelligence Manager

JPMorgan Chase Bank

49.46 lakhs - 74.73 lakhs

Field Marketing Manager

Dunkin’ Brands

26.31 lakhs- 95.79 lakhs

Client Success Specialist

McKinsey & Company

1.15 crores- 1.22 crores

4. Human Resource Management:

The field of human resources is rapidly expanding not only in the UK but worldwide. Students who specialise in HR for their MBA can benefit greatly from this growing industry, which offers a wide range of job opportunities for graduates. In the UK, the average salary for an HR professional is £30,000. Here are some of the top recruiters with average salaries.