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SAT: A need now more than ever

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

With the advent of Covid-19 pandemic, the world was sent into disruption. In such circumstances taking standardized tests like SAT has become increasingly difficult. A growing list of colleges in the USA have made SAT scores optional for this year’s admissions. This change in admission requirements has left the students questioning ‘Is it really important to take the SAT?’

The simple answer is Yes!

The SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is still a vastly relevant standardized test for assessing the students’ aptitude. The SAT tests your skills that you learnt in high school on the basis of three compulsory sections- Reading, Writing & Language, Mathematics (Calculator and No calculator), and Essay (optional). It evaluates the relevance of your skills in accordance with the college curriculum and beyond.

In the Covid era, the importance of SAT has heightened. SAT scores help the admissions officers decide whether you are ‘college-ready’ or not. Highly selective colleges estimate the ability of students to keep up with the academic atmosphere through the SAT scores.

SAT scores are especially important for CBSE students because of the recent grade inflation. With the majority of students scoring above 80%, it becomes incredibly challenging for admissions officers to judge the actual academic capacity of the students. Therefore, SAT scores can act as a level playing field for students since it is a standardized test.

SAT scores are extremely helpful for students who plan to apply for financial aid and scholarship programs. There are merit-based scholarships which take SAT scores into consideration. Students with high scores are automatically given priority for financial aid and tuition waivers.

SAT scores can be a saving grace for students who found it hard to achieve good grades during their schooling. Getting a good SAT score can make all the difference in their college applications. It offers them an opportunity to show academic progress to colleges. It displays the student’s capability to study hard, work under pressure and ultimately perform well.

In these times when SAT scores are optional, submitting your SAT scores can give you a chance to set yourself apart from the crowd.

We, at Hello Study Global, are here to assist you with every step of your SAT preparation.

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