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Transfer applications: How one can apply for transfer to different US universities from India?

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Changing universities can be complex, but sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants. You can definitely transfer to a foreign university without losing previous credit scores or starting all over again and completing the rest of the course there, getting a foreign degree. The credit system at US colleges is flexible, allowing courses completed at one institution to be accepted by another, provided certain conditions are met. Every year, over one million students, including international students enrolled at non-US institutions, transfer to a new university in the US. So, it’s possible to still have the college of your dreams.

Now how can you do it?

But before that, let’s understand what transfer admission actually is?

Here, we are talking about students moving from one college to another for their same degree program, which means that they might have started their studies in one university and then decided to apply as a transfer student to another university. Students who have finished high school and completed at least one year of college (two semesters) can apply. They can also apply if they have completed two years, i.e. four semesters.

What’s the application process?

Each university in US has its process for transfer applications. Students will most certainly be required to provide their academic transcripts and letters of recommendation, among other things. Other than these, they can also be asked to submit a transfer application form or some additional information. Unlike normal applicants, transfer students are asked to write a personal statement stating the reason for their transfer in addition to the standard admission essays. Students should keep in mind that the admission committee doesn’t want to listen to anything negative about their current institution but rather know why they think the university they are applying for is better for their academic needs and goals. Also, high grades in their current college are really important.

Depending upon the program or course and the college they want to go, they may or may not have to take an admission test. So, they should check well about the requirements of the university they want to apply for.

The deadlines for these applications are generally a few months later than the normal application deadlines. Students will have to be very careful about the deadlines so that they don’t miss any.

Should you or should you not?

Though going to a new college and adjusting there again can be a little intimidating but it’s another opportunity for you to go to a university in the US if you had missed it in the first year for whatever reason. It also gives you more time to form a stronger resume with your strong academic performances in the previous year(s) or the additional work you might have done. Furthermore, the number of open seats for transfer students tend to be less than those available for the general student body, but the applications pool also tends to be smaller. Hence, you should apply for a transfer to the US college you want to. There’s no harm in trying as you will have nothing to lose.

It is feasible for students to transfer to a US university from another college, including foreign institutions, without losing their credit scores. After completing at least one or two years of college, students can apply for transfer admission and may be required to take admission tests depending on the program and the university. Each university has its unique transfer application process that may entail submitting academic transcripts, recommendation letters, personal statement, and a strong academic record. Transfer application deadlines are usually later than normal application deadlines. Transferring to a different university can offer students additional opportunities and more time to bolster their academic performance and enhance their resumes. Therefore, students should consider applying for transfer admission to their preferred university.

-Written by Shreya Supriya

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