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What is Advanced Placement Exam?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Advanced Placement exams are conducted every year by the accredited College Board in the United States which is taken by a large number of high schoolers before beginning their college. In India, AP exams are under the purview of AP test centers that manage and facilitate the conduction of the exam in various parts of the country in authorized centers.

For a prospective student desirous of undertaking the test, being aware of the eligibility criteria is an important first step. Some of the eligibility norms are as follows:

● Having a valid government-issued ID is mandatory to be able to register for the test.

●The student has to be under the age of 21 years to be able to take the test.

●A student can retake the exam in a year although they are eligible to take the exam in subsequent years.

●Taking separate exams scheduled on the same date is not possible during Administration 1.

●Students aren’t permitted to take an AP exam in a particular subject more than once in a specific year.

●Both Calculus AB and Calculus BC cannot be taken in one year.

●Students aren’t qualified to take all four of the physics paper in one year .

AP credits are accepted not only by the prestigious universities of the USA and Canada but also by schools in over 60 nations including the UK and Australia making it a lucrative examination for many. Students have an option to choose from a wide list of 38 AP subjects to enable them to be better suited to the course they wish to apply for. Some of the commonly opted for exams are mentioned below:

●AP Chemistry

●AP Biology

●AP English Language and Composition

●AP English Literature and Composition

●AP Calculus AB

●AP Calculus BC

●AP Statistics

●AP Psychology

●AP Microeconomics

●AP Macroeconomics

(Note: The list is not exhaustive)

Choosing which AP exam to take can be based on a student’s interest, intended career or the requirements of the college they wish to attend. A student’s AP score is valid all throughout their high school years before they join a college program. While registering for the test, each specific center will provide the necessary guidelines including subjects offered, payment instructions, deadline and application process. It is of crucial that a student is aware of all the details to enable them to make an informed decision and embark smoothly on the journey of their higher education.

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